A Small Business Approach

You have a business to operate. It requires your time, focus and energy. The last thing you need is to be spending every day managing the money, mired in spreadsheets, pulling your hair out trying to stay or become profitable.

Big accounting firms are often designed for big businesses with big needs. And they attach big bills when it comes to providing their services.

We're a small business, family owned and operated. We live in your world every day; A world of good people trying to make a living, in need of expertise and efficiency without complexity and cost. Managing your financial business needs so you can do what you do best, without any extra headaches, and reap the financial benefits is what our business is all about.

Our accounting systems for small businesses are designed to be lean, affordable and manageable. We'll work with you, in language you understand, to help you manage the day-to-day financials of your business.

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Business Management

Success in business requires more than attention to balance sheets, revenues and costs. Expert guidance and training to help you make the best decisions and saving you time and money is just as important as the systems used to manage that time and money. McBride can work with you to:

IDENTIFY and develop your short and long term business goals.

PRESENT your business goals to the legal, lending and regulatory bodies that can help your business grow.

SELECT the management tools and systems best suited to accomplishing your business goals.

DEVELOP policies, procedures and routines to streamline the acquisition, processing and reporting of your business transactions.

IDENTIFY the administrative support level best suited to the profitable management of your business.

RECRUIT qualified individuals to fill key administrative positions.

TRAIN & SUPPORT your staff in the uses of new software, systems and procedures.

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Business Accounting

Professional, responsive accounting services that function in the real world environment of small business is something that's hard to find. Why? Because most good accounting firms aren't small businesses. They may get the needs of larger corporations, but they don't live and work on ground level where the real accounting for small business takes place. We are a small business and we can take care of your accounting needs without layers of redundancy and cost. McBride can help you:

REVIEW your current financial position and reporting requirements.

PREPARE your periodic and year-end financial statements;

HELP you with short & long term business & cash planning;

DEVELOP specialized financial, cost & management reports; and

PREPARE your business and personal tax returns.

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Business Bookkeeping

Junk in - junk out is how the saying goes. The foundation of any successful business begins with good, intuitive, intelligent bookkeeping. Reliable and affordable, having professional bookkeeping expertise on your side can make all the difference when it comes to keeping suppliers happy, employees paid and cash flow in the black. McBride's bookkeeping services include:

PAYROLL - preparing the payroll journal and cutting the cheques, remitting withholding taxes, WCB, health, welfare & union dues and balancing your year-end T4 slips.

ACCOUNTS PAYABLE - posting supplier invoices, preparing listings, creating cheques, planning payments, reconciling the accounts and preparing the GST/HST returns.

ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE - preparing and posting billings, reconciling and collecting outstanding accounts.

JOB COSTING - reviewing your budgets, costs, schedules and goals, and developing systems and reports that will give you the timely, accurate information you need to best manage your business.

GST, PST & HST RETURNS - Preparing all necessary Federal and Provincial tax returns and managing your remittances.

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McBride Accounting Construction Solutions (MACS)

While McBride Accounting Group is a company putting decades of experience and expertise to work for all kinds of businesses, our roots are planted in and around the construction and development industry.

With thirty-five years experience in the field, Allan McBride's unique, practical and intuitive understanding of construction project accounting practices have led to the development of a system we call MACS.

Our MACS system is designed specifically as a cost management tool for contractors and developers, scalable to any size project and guaranteed to keep your project on budget. Flexible and versatile, MACS was developed with a real world understanding of the construction business.

No project ever goes exactly as planned. Contingencies are commonplace, and a system for managing costs that is as adaptable as the project leaders is essential for any development to stay within costs and remain profitable.

Whether it's a single home or a multi-unit development, MACS will prove itself to be the most valuable, indispensable, affordable tool in your belt!

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Personal Accounting

Our experience, and grounded, practical understanding of accounting and accounting management doesn't just apply to business. We all have a need to keep our personal accounting records in order, maximize our tax benefits and stay on top of our finances. We offer that service too.

But don't think of McBride Accounting as one of those stuffy, "fill in form B and a junior clerk will get back to you" type of accounting firms. We're a family run, hands-on business. We'll treat you like a real person, with understanding and genuine care for your financial best interests. Sounds corny, but that's how our family likes to be treated and we wouldn't think of treating you and yours any other way.

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