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McBride Accounting Construction Solutions (MACS)

While McBride Accounting Group is a company putting decades of experience and expertise to work for all kinds of businesses, our roots are planted in and around the construction and development industry.

With thirty-five years experience in the field, Allan McBride’s unique, practical and intuitive understanding of construction project accounting practices have led to the development of a system we call MACS.

Our MACS system is designed specifically as a cost management tool for contractors and developers, scalable to any size project and guaranteed to keep your project on budget. Flexible and versatile, MACS was developed with a real world understanding of the construction business.

No project ever goes exactly as planned. Contingencies are commonplace, and a system for managing costs that is as adaptable as the project leaders is essential for any development to stay within costs and remain profitable.

Whether it’s a single home or a multi-unit development, MACS will prove itself to be the most valuable, indispensable, affordable tool in your belt!

Spend more time doing what you do best.